The Sandwich Generation: Driving Real Estate In Unexpected Ways

The Sandwich Generation: Driving Real Estate In Unexpected Ways


If you thought being a ‘tween’ was tough – try being part of the Sandwich Generation! Also known as the ‘Younger Boomers’, this often-overlooked but increasingly impactful age group is changing the real estate landscape in unexpected ways – and today is your chance to find out how and why!

Listen in to our latest podcast as Joe, Buddy and Bobbi share a lot of data (with a little fun!) as they talk about what happens when you are literallystuck in the middle. Between raising kids and caring for aging parents, the Sandwich Generation is shaping multi-generational housing trends and representing the nation’s highest median incomes. We’ll take you through what this means with regards to:

| Financing as a ‘Younger Boomer’
| The home selection process, location and timeline indicators
|How multi-generational homes look & feel today
| The 4-generation household (Club Sandwich)

All our best for a safe and meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!

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