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Mortgage Services

The options and information relating to mortgages are vast and sometimes confusing. Our goal is to help you understand the products that are available to you, as well as, evaluate them as they relate to your needs and current situation. That is why Joe is more than just a mortgage loan officer – he provides Mortgage Planning Services. Here are a few:



Now that you have found your dream home it is time to get the best loan to fit your lifestyle and budget needs. Joe offers a wide range of home mortgage products, including the following: FHA and VA, jumbo loans, high balance, and conventional home loans. Contact Joe to help you plan your mortgage.



The economy is a moving target, with changes to the options available to you. Many of our programs have low cost refinance options to make it worth your while. Contact Joe to discuss your current loan and learn more about the interest rates, loan programs and refinance options.



Sometimes you need to put the equity in your home to good use. Whether it’s a remodel or repairs, we can help you put your home to work for you. We have resources that can offer you flexible and affordable options which allow you to borrow against the equity you’ve built in your home.

Mortgage Reviews

Joe offers an Annual Mortgage Review to keep you up-to-date with any changes that may have occurred during the year, which could benefit you. He stays current with all new products and is happy to share programs which may benefit you along the way.

Competitive Prices

Joe has proudly joined forces with New American Funding, a Direct Lender, which began over a decade ago with a clear vision and a plan for gradual but steady expansion. Reaching out to consumers nationwide from a central location in Orange County, CA, New American Funding has grown to be an industry leader in both the purchase and refinance markets.

Technology Enabled

When it comes to innovation and speed, Joe gets it! He utilizes the best technology available to help his clients. From customized loan scenarios via email presentations, to video explanations, secure custom upload links and more, he is dialed in to provide you with the best service possible.

Products & Programs

Joe doesn’t believe every home loan follows a cookie-cutter model. He provides a wide variety of loan products and programs that vary based upon a needs assessment. He will work with you to determine your needs and then tap into his portfolio to suggest a product/program that will fit.

Customer Support

No question is stupid when it comes to your home loan. It is Joe’s mission to educate his clients and to provide exceptional customer service before, during and after your loan has funded. His team approach and availability make him the top choice for residential home mortgage services.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month Joe’s team puts together an informative e-newsletter to help his clients stay up to date. Whether it’s market updates, program highlights and news, or other real estate related information, you’ll enjoy getting his newsletter in your inbox once a month.

Relational Advocate

Getting or refinancing a residential home loan can be intimidating and overwhelming. Joe provides a dedicated, relational advocate that you can call anytime, with any questions or scenarios to help you create a path to financial well-being. Joe’s team is your team.

Out of State?

Are you looking to purchase a property outside of California? As a member of Premiere Mortgage Network, Joe can provide you with residential lending support for out-of-state loans. Members in the organization are by invitation only and are vetted for outstanding quality of service.

Providing Introductions

In addition to out-of-state referrals, Joe has an abundant network of real estate professionals and he’s happy to introduce you to them. He can help match your needs with the right professional to help you, based upon location, areas of expertise, personality and overall best fit for you.

Additional Resources

Are you buying a commercial property? Do you need bridge financing? Because of Joe’s vast network and knowledge, he can help you with the resources you need to get the deal done. Contact him today to discuss your project and let him put his resources to work for you.

Your Schedule

Joe understands that it can be difficult to have meetings and phone calls during your work hours. That’s why he offers flexibility that works around your schedule.

Complimentary Consultation

Did you know that the best time to find out if you’re qualified is BEFORE you make a purchase decision? Click below to contact Joe for a complimentary mortgage consultation.