RERL-1638-Growing Your Business – Getting the Right Tax Talent

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RERL-1637- Two Italian Guys Talkin Real Estate

A lot of money gets spent on advertising in the real estate industry and while options are great, too many can leave you not knowing where to start. Emotions and a changing market can make decisions even more difficult for consumers who are just looking to get a fair deal. Today Joe and Mike educate…

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RERL-1633-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

This new concept has been out for a few years now, but consumers are just finding out how useful this program can be. Joe, like many other people, believes this program will play a huge role in how people will access capital from their home without taking on unnecessary debt. Today Joe and Mark Rogers…

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RERL-1630-Small and Successful is Beautiful

This year Joe and Jack Russo began discussing how entrepreneurs can start growing their business and today they are joined by Joe Guentert who has done just that. What makes Joe’s story special is that he has grown his business in a way that leverages talent without having to have tons of employees. Today Joe,…

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