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Trusted Advisors

We believe that high quality professionals know other high quality professionals. Over the years, Joe has met and worked with hundreds of Bay Area professionals in the real estate and financial realm. As a result, he has built his own vault of Trusted Advisors to whom he feels complete confidence in referring his clients and friends.

Real Estate Radio LIVE is proud to feature regular guests that are an essential component of my team. I refer to these individuals as my Trusted Advisors, and I have every confidence that they will treat my clients with the same honesty, integrity, and respect that I do.” – Joe Cucchiara



Insurance can be a complicated, yet critical aspect to each part of your life. Our Trusted Insurance Advisors know this and they will take good care of you. Whether you are located on one side of the hill or the other, our recommendations will make sure you understand everything you need to make smart insurance choices.



Most people realize that gone are the days of pensions and “secure” social security. You need options that will help you build and protect your financial future. The Financial Planners which Joe has vetted, will provide you with smart education and planning, along with sincere honesty, integrity, and expertise.



Managing both personal and business finances is a big job. If it’s not done correctly, you could be in hot water. That’s why Joe chose several tax and accounting professionals that can get and keep you on the right track. Let Joe help you connect with the best tax and accounting professionals around.

Wooden gavel resting on its end on a wooden table in front of an open law book conceptual of a judge courtroom and judgements


When you have invested your time, money and heart on real estate, you need experts that can provide you with the right kind of legal advice to protect your assets. Whether you need a Real Estate Attorney, Estate Planning or Civil & Estate Litigation, Joe has the right Trusted Legal Advisors for you.



Media is an important part of every life and it’s an integral aspect of Real Estate Radio LIVE’s very existence. Joe has personally worked with several media companies and types. His valued experience can help you make a trusted choice when it comes to your own media experience.



Protect yourself and your property with the help of a trusted property manager. Joe can help you connect with a list of trusted advisors so you can focus on life and family.  Then you can rest assure that property management professionals are caring for your property.