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Real Estate and Mortgage News – Weekly Updates that educate and inform you on anything and everything real estate.

Ability to Purchase a Home Without Selling Your Current Home

Joe Cucchiara discusses the dilemma home buyers have when they want to keep their current home and purchase a new one. Learn more about the options available with bridge financing, leveraging assets and more!

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for You

What you should look for in a real estate agent? It is important to find the right real estate – it can make all the difference in selling your home at the right price or finding your dream home.

The Importance of Preparing for a Purchase

How do you prepare for a purchase? Learn 4 important steps that will give you the financial confidence in purchasing your new home or investment property.

Importance of Getting Your Loan Closed with the Right Lender

It is important to work with a lender that can close on time, remove appraisal contingencies and finance contingencies, and communicate best with you and your team.

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

Joe Cucchiara discusses the difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification.

Market Update – Interest Rates and Granny Units

Joe Cucchiara discusses a market update, interest rates, and granny units in the city of San Jose.