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22  Feb  2018Competition With Real Estate Companies In Southern California Is Heating Up; Is Northern California Next?Download
19  Feb  2018How Much Do You Need To Buy A Home In The Bay Area?Download
16  Feb  2018What Effect Will Our Aging Population Have On The Continued Housing Shortage In The Bay Area?Download
15  Feb  2018How to Prepare and Plan for a Market with Rising Interest RatesDownload
14  Feb  2018Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part IIIDownload
09  Feb  2018Home Buyers And Sellers, Things To Be Aware Of And Prepare For In A Low Inventory Market!Download
08  Feb  2018Starting Something In The Silicon Valley –Part IIDownload
07  Feb  2018Top Strategies and Options for Buyers Making a Non-Contingent OfferDownload
06  Feb  2018What affect will the recent stock market decline have on interest rates? Download
31  Jan  2018Starting Something In The Silicon ValleyDownload
26  Jan  2018How To Put Yourself In The Best Position As A BuyerDownload
23  Jan  2018How The Government Shutdown Affects The Real Estate And Mortgage IndustryDownload
20  Jan  2018What Millennials And Consumers Expect From Their Realtor And LendersDownload
19  Jan  2018Is It Too Late To Refinance & Why Not To Worry If You Finance Over $750,000Download
18  Jan  2018How Did We Get Here And Where Is The Stock Market Headed?Download
17  Jan  2018Consumer Expectations & The Dallas MarketDownload
11  Jan  2018Banks With The Most Complaints & What To Do With Equity?Download
11  Jan  2018How Realtors Can Help Potential Buyers Purchase A Home With Bad CreditDownload
10  Jan  2018HomeGuard-Your One Stop Real Estate Stop Shop Download
09  Jan  2018Investment Properties, Is It Time For You?Download
05  Jan  2018Are You Meeting Your 2018 Goals?Download
04  Jan  2018Understanding Your Contract And Avoiding Mistakes With Attorney Dean RossiDownload
04  Jan  2018Top 10 Markets For 2018 & How Come The NAR And Mortgage Industry Are Spending So Little On Consumer Experience?Download
02  Jan  20182018 Housing Predictions And The New Tax PlanDownload
22  Dec  2017Joe’s Real Estate And Mortgage Predictions For 2018Download
21  Dec  2017New Tax Cuts & Investing In Real Estate Like an AssetDownload
20  Dec  2017Real Estate And Your Retirement Plan With Aspire PlanningDownload
19  Dec  2017More Investing Outside California With Charlie CastroDownload
15  Dec  2017Single And Multifamily Investing With Neal BawaDownload
12  Dec  2017Where Are 2018’s Best Investment Strategies And Locations?Download
11  Dec  2017Mortgage & Real Estate Predictions For 2018Download
07  Dec  2017Reverse Mortgages –Strategy Or Scam?Download
06  Dec  2017Real Estate and Mortgage Planning for 2018Download
05  Dec  20176 Reasons For Low Inventory & The Renters ChallengeDownload
01  Dec  2017The Fremont Market UpdateDownload
30  Nov  2017Taking A Look At Your Bigger Financial PictureDownload
29  Nov  2017Syndication and Blockchain Technology with Amy WanDownload
28  Nov  2017Multifamily Syndication with Vinney ChopraDownload
22  Nov  2017Investing Outside California with Charlie CastroDownload
21  Nov  2017Getting Ready To Move with Suddath Relocation ServicesDownload
18  Nov  2017Everything You Needed To Know About The Changing Tax CodeDownload
17  Nov  2017How Will The New Tax Reform Affect Mortgages & Is It A Good Time To Get Out Of That Rental And Buy?Download
15  Nov  2017Bootstrap Legal – Creating New Technology For CrowdfundingDownload
14  Nov  2017Action Pool & SpaDownload
11  Nov  2017A Salute To Our VeteransDownload
10  Nov  2017The Art Of Home AppraisalsDownload
09  Nov  2017Good Debt VS. Bad DebtDownload
08  Nov  2017Six Most Important Questions To Ask Your Lender and Real Estate Agent When Considering Working With Them?Download
07  Nov  2017How To Make A Non-Contingent Offer Without Having Your Home Sold In AdvanceDownload
03  Nov  2017LIVE From The Realtor® Expo & Global Real Estate PavilionDownload
03  Nov  2017Can the NAR Catch Up and Compete With Real Estate Startups?Download
02  Nov  2017Financing For the Retired, Without Jobs or Traditional IncomeDownload
27  Oct  2017Vacation Homes- Breaking Down The StatsDownload
26  Oct  2017Differentiating Mortgage LendingDownload
25  Oct  20178 Practical Reasons for Accessing or Leveraging Equity from Your HomeDownload
25  Oct  2017Top 7 Ways Agents Annoy Clients & Top 5 Things Consumers Hate about Applying For a MortgageDownload
23  Oct  2017Alternative Options for an Extremely Competitive Buyers Market & Preparing For a Downturn in the MarketDownload
20  Oct  2017The Return From Central AmericaDownload
19  Oct  2017Rates Are On The Way Up, Is It Too Late? Download
19  Oct  2017What To Know When Seeking An Agent Or Mortgage OnlineDownload
17  Oct  2017AI, VR and Voice technology- The Future Of Real Estate & Cash Flow Real Estate With Lane KawaokaDownload
17  Oct  2017Contributing To The North Bay Fires & Should Some Consumers Consider Pulling Equity Property Profits Off The Table Now?Download
13  Oct  2017Are You In The Right Loan Program, Increasing Rates & Real Estate Investing Download
12  Oct  2017How The World Of Real Estate Is Transforming & The Bull MarketDownload
11  Oct  2017Where To Buy & VA LoansDownload
09  Oct  2017Understanding Who and What to Trust (with Online Real Estate and Lending)Download
06  Oct  2017The Importance of Staged RoomsDownload
02  Oct  2017Better Understanding Interest Rate QuotesDownload
29  Sep  2017The Central America TripDownload
28  Sep  2017Live & Unplugged: Helping Consumers Better Understand the Future of Real Estate and Lending with John Melo, Larry Matos and Frank FuentesDownload
27  Sep  2017Getting Your Offer Accepted & Tech That Is Changing Real EstateDownload
26  Sep  2017Creative Financing Strategies and Mobile Home Investments Download
25  Sep  2017The Return to Radio and the Equifax FiascoDownload
21  Sep  2017Joe chats with Angelo Gallo and Julio Anchante of Century 21 M&M and AssociatesDownload
13  Sep  2017Finding Investing Success In Multifamily Real Estate Download
13  Sep  2017Sell Your Home Smarter with HomeLightDownload
11  Sep  2017Equifax Chaos – What You Need To KnowDownload
08  Sep  2017California’s Focus On Older AdultsDownload
06  Sep  2017Opcity –Changing The Way Consumers And Brokers ConnectDownload
01  Sep  2017Insurance: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly –Part IIDownload
31  Aug  2017Investment Strategies and OpportunitiesDownload
30  Aug  2017Three Keys To Successful Real Estate Negotiations As Mike And Laura Say “Goodbye”Download
25  Aug  2017Insurance –The Good, The Bad and The UglyDownload
25  Aug  2017What’s Going On In The Market?Download
22  Aug  2017The Ins and Outs of FSBO –A Good Idea or Just a Mess?Download
17  Aug  2017Alternative Programs With Jeff TrevarthenDownload
16  Aug  2017Better Home Loans For America’s MilitaryDownload
15  Aug  2017Real Estate Market UpdateDownload
15  Aug  2017House Hub, The Home Maintenance AppDownload
11  Aug  2017Moving In And Moving Out –Part 3Download
11  Aug  2017Wells Fargo vs. VeteransDownload
10  Aug  2017Financial Transformations and Financial Freedom ContinuedDownload
08  Aug  2017Renters Trying To BuyDownload
08  Aug  2017Advantages and Disadvantages Of Urban VillagesDownload
04  Aug  2017Moving In And Moving Out –Part 2Download
04  Aug  2017Wells Fargo in the News & Our Love Hate Relationship with BanksDownload
02  Aug  2017Real Estate Investing With Amy Kirsch Of Realty SharesDownload
28  Jul  2017Moving In And Moving Out –Part 1Download
27  Jul  2017The Changing Value Of Silicon ValleyDownload
26  Jul  2017Dirty Secrets Of Real Estate –Part 4Download
25  Jul  2017Creating Winning Strategies In Getting Your Offer AcceptedDownload
25  Jul  2017Everything You Need To Know About Tile With Donovan FunstonDownload
21  Jul  2017Residential Home Styles –Part 3Download
20  Jul  2017Google In San JoseDownload
19  Jul  2017How to Select a Property Manager with Linda LiberatoreDownload
18  Jul  2017Solutions and Alternatives to Buying In the Bay AreaDownload
18  Jul  2017Deferred Maintenance with Tim DennerDownload
14  Jul  2017Residential Home Styles –Part 2Download
13  Jul  2017Avoiding and Solving Real Estate DisputesDownload