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The 10 Cities Who Rocked Real Estate Recovery

The 10 Cities Who Rocked Real Estate Recovery

Who Doesn’t Love To See The Underdog Win?!

If you remember 2007 – we all felt like we were at the back of the pack in one way or another… The good news is that after many agonizing years, the housing market is BACK – with many markets economically stronger and sounder than the pre-crash days. Today, we share who really rocked real estate recovery.

While the path has been positive for many, not every state or city within has experienced equal levels of employment growth, homeownership rates and equity gains. In today’s exclusive online edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE, find out which cities have made the biggest comebacks and why.

We’ll reveal the 10 places with the speediest and most definitive real estate recovery, and the driving forces behind them. Yes – you WILL see some Silicon Valley cities, but you’ll also find out where else and what else leads to economically healthy and truly happy places to be! We’ll also touch on the often-overlooked role of higher education in driving investment and purchasing behaviors.

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