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Your Home, Your Roof: What Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Your Home, Your Roof: What Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Happy Wednesday! We are hoping you are getting ready for a great weekend…and maybe even savoring some time to relax under that roof over your head. Speaking of roofs…do you have some overdue maintenance needs, are you wondering how to inspect the roof on your next home purchase, and wondering how long these things actually last?! If you are fortunate enough to have a roof over your head – this is the show for you as Miles Proctor from RE Roofing & Construction brings his time, energy & expertise to Real Estate Radio LIVE! Tune in at 3pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW, or listen online by clicking here:

Host Joe Cucchiara will first welcome Miles to our program, and ask him to give our listeners a glimpse into what the most common homeowner needs are with regards to roofing, and what business is like right now. They will then review:

| What are some common roofing pitfalls to avoid during the inspection process in a home sale?

| What about all these new products on the market – how have they been ‘tested’?

| Why is ventilation in roofing so important, and why is it so often overlooked?

| How can you create an accurate cost comparison when gathering quotes…is it really an ‘apples to apples’ approach?

With real life examples and true tales of the good, bad and otherwise right here in the South Bay…Miles and Joe have an engaging and educational hour planned just for you. Please join them by turning that dial to AM 1220 KDOW and call 1.800.516.1220 during the show!

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