RERL-1509-Bundle Select Updates, Reviews & Announcements!


RERL-1508-Exploring The Reverse Mortgage with Bill Benson

He’s no stranger to RERL; he’s reverse mortgage expert Bill Benson! For some of us conventional financing is just not the right choice. Good thing there are a few options outside of conventional financing. Today Joe explores reverse mortgages with Bill Benson to figure out if these unconventional loans really deserve the stigma they receive.…

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RERL-1497-Keller Mortgage, A Misleading Model?

@The last few years you’ve heard Joe talk a lot about how drastic changes are coming to the industry and for at least one company they’re finally here. Keller Williams is the newest of real estate companies that are coming forward sharing new visions and new models to benefit the consumer. In the first installment…

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From the heart of the beautiful Silicon Valley, Real Estate Radio LIVE is your trusted resource for real estate education, trends, and market news. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or to stay informed about Anything & Everything Real Estate! The Real Estate Radio LIVE podcast allows for an engaging discussion covering…

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