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Real Estate Radio LIVE : A New Day & A New Way

The Housing Supply Crunch: Weighing the Options

Happy Friday! While you may be getting ready for a weekend that’s a little lighter than your work week – we are getting ready to do some heavy lifting on Real Estate Radio LIVE as we explore a big topic with far reaching implications: the housing supply crunch. As a controversial and complex real estate…

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High End Homes Around the Bay Area with Coldwell Banker

Join us today from 3-4pm for Real Estate Radio LIVE with Host Joe Cucchiara as he welcomes Doug Evans and Shawn Carroll from Coldwell Banker back to the air waves! Joe, Doug, and Shawn will discuss “Bay High End Homes Around the Bay Area” and give their advice and expertise on the market. Make sure to tune in from 3-4pm…

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Leveraging Investment Properties with Scott Poncetta

Joe Cucchiara invites Keller Williams Director of Income Properties, Scott Poncetta, back to the show today for a discussion about strategies around investment properties. Joe will ask Scott about the still hot investment market and have him clarify financial aspects on multi-unit properties. Scott also addresses concerns over possible shifts in rent. Other topics for…

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Alternatives to Selling Your Home with Host Joe Cucchiara


Have you thought about selling your home, but don’t want to get hammered by taxes? Joe Cucchiara delves into using equity to your advantage by explaining what alternative options you have and how they work to your benefit. Specific topics include: Reverse mortgages Using the rent earned from your home to live elsewhere 1031 exchange…

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Are You Ready or Preparing Financially for Retirement?

We are pleased to welcome back one of our Trusted Advisors, Ron Howard of Siena Wealth Management, back to the show!  He always brings his positive energy and informative topics to the show.  We have known Ron Howard for years, and we can tell you that personally and professionally, Ron is always dedicated, honest, knowledgeable…

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