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True Home Ownership Costs: Meet Brian Gitt Of Utility Score Today On Real Estate Radio LIVE

True Home Ownership Costs: Meet Brian Gitt Of Utility Score Today On Real Estate Radio LIVE

We all know that the purchase price of a home is just one aspect of home ownership cost. In addition to the mortgage payment, taxes and insurance – you have to factor in maintenance, repairs, upgrades and also monthly utilities such as water and electricity. Yet during the house hunting process, most buyers get so caught up in the list price, that they neglect the projected utility usage or determine if the home has any energy efficient features. Today, Host Mike D’Ambrosio is pleased to welcome an expert guest whose company has developed a consumer resource to address this reality ~ tune in at 3pm PST to meet Brian Gitt, CEO & President at Bki. For 15 years, Brian has consistently delivered energy and water efficiency programs that have transformed the marketplace. Today he will share one of his most recent and valuable developments ~ UtilityScore! Join Mike and Brain at 3pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW, or listen streaming online at

Mike will kick-off the hour by asking Brian to explain what UtilityScore is and why it is so important to consider utility costs when buying or even renting a home. Did you know that 25% of monthly housing expenses are utilities?! But how do you determine what those costs may be before you even move into the home? Brian’s team has developed a scale of 1-100, and estimates are projected using relevant data such as local utility rates, climate, property characteristics and lifestyle factors. Brian will also share:

| Why human behavior has a larger impact on utility estimates, rather than past bills.

| What geographic areas UtilityScore covers.

| How the program can benefit listing agents and improve seller marketing capabilities.

| And much more!

Call 1.800.516.1220 to ask your questions and say hello! We would like to sincerely thank Brian for bringing his time, energy & expertise to Real Estate Radio LIVE! Turn that dial to AM 1220 KDOW from 3-4pm PST or listen streaming online at: .

Learn more at:

Brian Gitt | CEO & President of BKi

Brian Gitt | CEO & President of BKi

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