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Real Estate Radio LIVE: Bobbi’s Blogs Past, Present & Future

Real Estate Radio LIVE: Bobbi’s Blogs Past, Present & Future

Happy Friday! It’s that day when we get to join the Bay Area community (and beyond!) through an engaging discussion on Real Estate Radio LIVE, and share a hot topic…or in this case: THREE hot topics! Today’s edition of the program features just a little bit of time travel, as we compare and contrast market updates featured in the past…the present…and the future from the Bobbi Decker blog!

In a little blast from the past, Buddy and I will review a topic covered earlier this spring, ‘6 Signs That’s It’s Time To Sell’. Believe us, if some of these signs and shenanigans are happening in your home – a move onward and upward might bring a little peace and comfort to your life again. In facing the present, we’ll take the economics fundamental of ‘supply and demand’ and give you the reality of what it means to Bay Area housing. If you think construction permits today will save the day – think again!In a future forecast, we’ll give you a sneak peek of next week’s blog topic as we spill what two cities Forbes cited as ranking in ‘America’s Fastest Growing Cities 2016’!

You know that with every fact and feature, we will be sure to include what it means to you as a homeowner, buyer, seller or investor. Be sure to tune in Friday from 3-4pm PST to AM 1220 KDOW, listen streaming on iHeart radio (click here) or tine into the podcast after the show!

Cheers to the past, present & future of real estate! May we learn from it, enjoy our lifestyles in it…and make great decisions about it! 

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