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[PODCAST] Home Tastes & Trends: What Is REALLY In & Out

[PODCAST] Home Tastes & Trends: What Is REALLY In & Out

We all know that knowledge is power…but sometimes the amount of data out there is information overload, especially when it comes to home design & décor! Not to mention by the time those ‘reality’ home shows get produced and coffee table books get printed, sometimes they aren’t even a reflection of what is really ‘in’ anymore.

When in doubt, we turn to a truly time-tested resource – the Wall Street Journal! With recent reports of relevant re-do’s, this week’s podcast is based in the facts and fantasies of what homeowners literally want today. Listen online to the podcast as we cover the trends that are out of style and the tastes that are in demand according to their most recent real estate reports.

Has the ‘open concept’ come to a closed conclusion? Are awesome appliances really all the rage? Do outdoor kitchens give you an inside edge on your ROI?

Find out today as we cover everything that is in & out for homes in 2017 on Real Estate Radio LIVE!

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