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RERL-1555- Jack Russo – Non Disclosure Agreement and Major Transactions

Starting Something In The Silicon Valley –Part II

Are you ready entrepreneurs? Last week Computerlaw Group’s Jack Russo joined Joe to outline how to get startup ideas out of your head and onto paper. This week Jack returns to RERL to continue our series that teaches entrepreneurs the next steps that bring their startups to life. Specific topics include: Domain names and trademarks…

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Residential Home Styles – Part 3

Did we save the best for last?! Absolutely! If you’ve been following our 3-part podcast series on the over 30 residential home styles that define our nation, then you are in for a treat! This final editionboasts which home type was inspired by European row houses, what ‘modern’ style is actually 50 years old, how…

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[PODCAST] Home Tastes & Trends: What Is REALLY In & Out

We all know that knowledge is power…but sometimes the amount of data out there is information overload, especially when it comes to home design & décor! Not to mention by the time those ‘reality’ home shows get produced and coffee table books get printed, sometimes they aren’t even a reflection of what is really ‘in’…

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