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Deferred Maintenance with Tim Denner

Deferred Maintenance with Tim Denner

A lot of times you may see a problem around your house and think “It doesn’t look that bad. This can wait a bit.” The truth is damage can hide around your home and you might even have to open a wall to find out what is really going on. Today Mike is joined by Tim “the termite guy” Denner from Taps Termites to figure out the true costs of deferring maintenance. Specific topics include:

  • Preventative maintenance tips
  • Termites vs. water damage- which does more damage?
  • The inspection process
  • Differences between residential and commercial property
  • Termite resistant housing that is also cost-effective

To contact Mike D’Ambrosio you can visit his website at, email him at or call at (408) 630-0101.


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