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Trusts Simplified With Philip E. Holsworth

Trusts Simplified With Philip E. Holsworth

Over the years that we have worked with seniors and talked about the goals and challenges we all face as we age, we have learned an important thing about legacy planning. Of those whom don’t have a will or trust in place – they tend to lack one not because they don’t WANT one, but because they don’t understand exactly what it is, why you need one and what the difference is! Today’s podcast on Real Estate Radio LIVE, provides the simplest, clearest and most concise definition of wills & trusts that we have ever presented.

Join us as we introduce you to expert guest and Legal Document Assistant* (Independent Paralegal) Philip E. Holsworth for an insightful interview on an ever important topic. While our program is not intended to provide legal advice, it is designed to help you explore what you need to ask yourself and what you can learn from the experience of others about the importance and purpose of a trust, and how it differs from a will. Phil will reveal:

| The one point in time you need a will

| The two points in time you need a trust

| Why 50% of the cases in probate involve individuals who are still living

| Who manages wills…and who manages trusts

| And more!

Be sure to find our Real Estate Radio LIVE podcasts on iTunes to gain the clearest perspective on legacy considerations that you can find in the industry today. To learn more and watch short & engaging videos on the subject, be sure to visit Phil’s website:

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