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The Ultimate Go-To ‘Real Estate Game Plan’ For Buyers & Sellers

The Ultimate Go-To ‘Real Estate Game Plan’ For Buyers & Sellers

We all know that the process of buying and selling real estate is more than a financial process – but a truly emotional experience. The roller coaster you ride along the way is exhausting at best and can be totally debilitating at its worst.

Emotions and reactions grab hold of everyone, whether the buyer or seller, during the real estate transaction and turn even the best laid plans to ruin….

That is…..UNLESS they have the 5 steps of “How To Stay Out of the Emotional Abyss of the Real Estate Process”. Those who are aware of this method and mindset can manage their feelings and reactions. Imagine staying out of the emotional abyss, while staying in the present with ease.

Friday’s Real Estate Radio Live, Hosted by Bobbi Decker & Joe Cucchiara, will cover each of these steps in depth. You may have heard some or even all of them before, but perhaps in a different order.  Tune in to AM 1220 KDOW, The Wall Street Business Network, from 3-4pm PST as Real Estate Radio LIVE presents these insights in a strategic sequence:


  1. Why: Whether it is buying or selling, why make the change now?
  2.  Where: Geography … where is the world do you want to go?
  3.  What:Once you decide ‘Where’…then what follows (waterfront, golf, ocean, ranch, urban)?
  4.  When: “Timing is everything.”
  5.  Who: Who are the key player who will work as a team to make this happen for you?
    1. Lenders
    2. Real Estate brokers
    3. Movers
    4. Organizers

The fundamental guideline for buyers and sellers is starting with a broad sweep of their plan (Why?), then narrowing down all the way to “pin-point” specific (Who?). Big picture to small is the key to any successful goal. Join the ‘Real Estate Game Plan’ Friday, August 28th at 3pm, and tune into AM 1220 KDOW to take that first step to the finish line.

Remember – you can call 1.800.516.1220 to join the discussion!


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