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The Ins and Outs of FSBO – A Good Idea or Just a Mess?

The Ins and Outs of FSBO – A Good Idea or Just a Mess?

You hear a lot of people talk about it and it seems like a pretty good deal. A little extra work now and you can sell your home with zero commission fees. However, today’s podcast may have you thinking twice before pulling the trigger to go solo. Today Joe and Mike walk you through the FSBO process and discuss the FSBO resources consumers are using. Specific topics include:

  • Do you have the time to not involve professionals?
  • A realtors home preparation checklist
  • Emotional detachment, negotiations and pricing
  • Contracts, liabilities, disclosures and other legal issues you will deal with
  • Are FSBO helper and online lending sites actually helpful?

To contact Mike D’Ambrosio you can visit his website at, email him at or call at (408) 630-0101.

If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408) 838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture.

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