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RERL-1692-Growing Your Business-In the Face of New laws and Regulations Part 2

Dirty Secrets Of Real Estate – Part 4

In today’s installment of Dirty Secrets Joe gets into more detail about the three main components of your real estate transaction: real estate, lending and title and escrow. Big changes are taking place in each of these areas that not only consumers need to be aware of, but industry professionals who don’t want to get…

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Rent To Buy Or Lease With Options

You’ve heard us say it before. Roughly 7-8% of realtors handle about 92% of the transactions. It’s an impressive number that is also shocking when you realize that over 90% of the part-time agents and lenders out there are probably not reinvesting in their business and you. Do you believe independent contractors are overall bad for…

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Trusts Simplified Part II- The Two Types of Trusts

If you stopped by our blog last week, than you know that we tackled the territory of trusts with the simplest and clearest definition that we’ve presented over the years. Our expert guest & Legal Document Assistant (Independent Paralegal) Philip E. Holsworth distinctly revealed the differences you wanted and needed to know about wills and…

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Using Technology in the Real Estate Industry

It’s no secret that many real estate companies are looking forward and developing technology that only gets used behind the scenes. But is anyone working on a product that directly connects with consumers? Today Joe pinpoints problems plaguing the real estate tech we already have in place and why better processes and systems haven’t already…

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