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Trusts Simplified Part II- The Two Types of Trusts

Trusts Simplified Part II- The Two Types of Trusts

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If you stopped by our blog last week, than you know that we tackled the territory of trusts with the simplest and clearest definition that we’ve presented over the years. Our expert guest & Legal Document Assistant (Independent Paralegal) Philip E. Holsworth distinctly revealed the differences you wanted and needed to know about wills and trusts. In this week’s exclusive online podcast release, Phil returns to take the discussion one step further and explore revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Have you ever wondered… Why would anyone want an irrevocable trust? Why do lenders dislike for irrevocable trusts? Can I make a change to a revocable trust?! What are amended vs. restated documents?

This week’s edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE will address all of this and more – including “the basket analogy”, the two ways you CAN amend a trust and what to consider when making your own.

Thanks again to our expert guest Phil Holsworth for sharing this invaluable and insightful perspective on Real Estate Radio LIVE!

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