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Residential Home Styles – Part 3

Residential Home Styles – Part 3

Did we save the best for last?! Absolutely! If you’ve been following our 3-part podcast series on the over 30 residential home styles that define our nation, then you are in for a treat! This final editionboasts which home type was inspired by European row houses, what ‘modern’ style is actually 50 years old, how a Gulf coast cottage that originated in the Caribbean came to the US and more. You can also expect to hear about a few other fabulous favorites – including Victorians, Farmhouses and Bungalows!

Whether these styles inspire you to travel the nation and see these styles in action or make a few phenomenal changes in your own home sweet home, we invite you to join us for our concluding discussion into US residential home styles. Don’t forget you can see all the styles and find a complete reference guide (and some related resources including a quiz!) on our blog!

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