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[podcast] Unconventional Financing To Make Your Ownership Goals A Reality

[podcast] Unconventional Financing To Make Your Ownership Goals A Reality

It’s easy to get discouraged and forget about home ownership or investment properties looking at today’s crazy purchase market. It may seem even worse when misleading information and conventional purchasing programs seem to be pushing your goals further out of reach every time you turn around. Today we are asking you to ignore these negative thoughts because once again Joe comes in with alternate financing programs that could make your ownership goals a reality again. Specific programs include:

  • Understanding jumbo financing guidelines and challenges
  • Pledging assets to increase your borrowing power
  • Cross collateralizing properties
  • Asset depletion whether you’re 59+ or not
  • Bridge financing
  • Owner occupied financing- parents helping a disabled child or children helping parents

If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408) 838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture.


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