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Getting Your Offer Accepted & Tech That Is Changing Real Estate

Getting Your Offer Accepted & Tech That Is Changing Real Estate

The Bay Area is a great place to live that has a lot of jobs. While this makes for a hot market it doesn’t necessarily make a great buyers market. In the first half of today’s show Joe tackles this dilemma by sharing strategies and decisions that provide buyers with a better shot at getting their offer accepted. Bridge financing vs. pledging assets – Could one of these be enough to ease the buyers’ pain? Joe also responds to a couple of listeners’ text who ask how to know you’re working with the right agent.

Almost $3 billion a year is being invested in changing the way we do real estate. In the second half Joe looks at companies that are gaining traction and tries to figure out which are good and which may not have the legs to stand. Are you actually saving money using these startups or are you spending just as much on hidden convenience fees?

If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408) 838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture.

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