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Finding Investing Success In Multifamily Real Estate

Finding Investing Success In Multifamily Real Estate

If you had to ask a majority of the phone calls and emails we receive are usually from someone with a genuine interest in real estate investing and not a lot of knowhow. If you find yourself in that group then Joe’s guest today is someone who can really help you out: Tyler Sheff, founder of Cash Flow Guys. Success investing in multifamily homes wasn’t gratifying enough for Tyler so he made it his duty to educate people about investing and cash flow before the television shows came out. Specific topics include:

  • Can you invest in multifamily units inside California even if you just started investing?
  • Advice to first time investors
  • How to know you’re getting into a good investment
  • Managing rental properties
  • Geographic areas to look out for
  • Areas more likely to provide success

If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408) 838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture.


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