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Can You REALLY Modernize The Mortgage Market? | Find Out Today At 3pm PST On Real Estate Radio LIVE

Can You REALLY Modernize The Mortgage Market? | Find Out Today At 3pm PST On Real Estate Radio LIVE

Greetings & Happy Wednesday! In our continued efforts to share shifting changes and industry dynamics, we are excited to welcome a brand new guest with a refreshing topic. You are invited to join Host Joe Cucchiara at 3pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW as he welcomes Nick Stamos, CEO & Founder of Sindeo. Nick will share why he is committed to revolutionizing the way lending is done – and what made him convinced that ‘there HAS to be a better way’. From personal experience to professional pain points, Nick and Joe will guide you through a discussion on how technology, lending guidelines and client service can work together to make the dream of home ownership a reality, without enduring a nightmare. Mark your calendar for today from 3-4pm PST and turn that dial to AM 1220 KDOW, or listen streaming online at

For those who have completed the mortgage process recently, you may have noticed a change in the overall functional focus. You likely felt a sense of having to ‘prove yourself’, rather than the bank being excited to approve you. Were you prepared for what would be asked of you as a borrower? If you are an agent…did the process feel cumbersome? Most importantly…in any role…were your expectations set properly for what the loan process would look like? Issues of timing, cost, and of course qualification are huge…and Sindeo is focused on solutions to some of the biggest challenges that borrowers face. Nick will share:

| How the concept of ‘modernizing’ the mortgage process came about.

| What steps he & his team are taking to address some of the biggest financing frustrations.

| How does a service and technology-driven company like Sindeo create pressure for the big banks?

| What is the ‘FinTech’ movement and how is it shaping the real estate and lending industry as a whole?

Whether you are a current or future homeowner, an industry professional…or just enjoy hearing innovative insights, you will definitely learn by listening in to today’s program. The education & information continues…today at 3pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW, or listen online at

 Need  little more info from Nick?!

Email him at:

Call: 415.299.8160

Follow Sindeo On Twitter: @sindeo

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