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Where Are The Foreign Buyers Coming From And What Are They Buying – The Ins & Outs of Off-Shore Buyers

As we continue to cover the globalization of real estate and the interest in United States property from prospects around the world – we are giving you an inside glimpse of off-shore buying trends this week on Real Estate Radio LIVE! We can’t wait to take you below the surface stats into higher-level analysis from the Sotheby’s International Real Estate Report (get your own personal copy by emailing Check out your favorite podcasting platform for a global glimpse into:

| The BILLIONS of dollars of US residential property purchased in 2015 vs. 2016
| The most desirable property types (think high end)
| The 5 most sought-after states (weather counts…)
| The 5 countries that account for nearly 50% of foreign buyers (at least 2 will surprise you!)
| And more!

We’ll also revisit our popular discussion on the growing interest from US adults in off-shore retirement, and why Central America is making its mark in the modern market.

International property investments can be a lucrative, livable and luxurious lifestyle opportunity for both buyers and sellers, so hop on board as we take you through everything you need to know to make the best decisions for you!

Home buyers, sellers, retirees and real estate professionals alike are encouraged to listen, learn & join the discussion on Real Estate Radio Live the podcast series!

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