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[PODCAST] Mansion Matters On Real Estate Radio LIVE

[PODCAST] Mansion Matters On Real Estate Radio LIVE

Celebrity sightings, criminal refuges, resort-style sanctuaries…can you guess what this week’s podcast is ALL about?! Sounds like a soap opera…looks like luxury living…it must be an entire podcast dedicated to MANSIONS! If you think these high-end homes are a trend of the past – think again. Did you know that The Wall Street Journal dedicates an entire section to this topic – updated weekly (if not more!)? Beyond the stunning visuals of homes in this class, they also feature personality stories, financial facets and lifestyle components of mansions and those who acquire them.

napaIf you don’t have time to read all about mansions in The Wall Street Journal every Friday – have no fear, Real Estate Radio LIVE is here. Today we release an exclusive podcast all about the people, purpose and playing field of these monumental manors. We’ll cite examples such as Al Capone and his own adaptation of luxury living (and hiding!), while discussing the local and global direction of such spectacular residences in the past, present and future!

It’s another fun, factual and fabulous Friday as we cover a topic we have all dreamed of, listen in below!


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