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[PODCAST] Home Repairs Owners Shouldn’t Delay

[PODCAST] Home Repairs Owners Shouldn’t Delay

After years of drought status here in California – it’s going to sound funny when we tell you that there is one ‘problem’ with the rain, right? After all, the heavy showers that dampened anything but our spirits as our reservoirs filled couldn’t possibly be anything to complain about, right? Perhaps the problem we are talking about isn’t so much the rain as it is the repairs lacking in our homes in absence of it. After all, how would you know about a leaky roof or clogged up gutter when nothing has been flowing for awhile?

Now that it’s wet and your home has been through a storm or two – we wanted to share some much needed guidance on what water-related repairs need your immediate attention. Many of us are surprised when we learn that those few water spots on the ceiling can actually cause much more harm than we give them credit for!

In this week’s online exclusive podcast, Bobbi, Buddy & Joe will chat about chimneys, windows, roofs and more as we add up inches of rain and the needed maintenance that goes with it!

Don’t delay – tune in to save yourself time and money right away!

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