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[Podcast] Fall Proofing Your Home with Lisa Brinkman of Marin Villages

[Podcast] Fall Proofing Your Home with Lisa Brinkman of Marin Villages

With every day, week and podcast that goes by – we get a little better as we live longer and love every minute of it. Tune in below to our latest and exclusive, online podcast of Real Estate Radio LIVE with a NEW Living Longer, Living Better edition featuring Lisa Brinkmann, Executive Director of Marin Villages.

Given that in-home falls resulting in broken hips are the #1 reason that seniors must enter assisted living facilities – and that many fractures never heal enough to restore independent walking – we knew this was a topic worthy of an entire program and a very valued guest. With 11 key areas to assess, as well as often overlooked insights (think beyond stairs!), we’ll touch on as much as we can cover and then provide information on how to access the complete home assessment checklist.

Please share this link and the listening information below with anyone you know who is aging, caring for an aging loved one or who may benefit in the present or future. Your health, and that of those around you, is way too important to leave to chance. Use this opportunity to add yet another resource to your Living Longer, Living Better toolbox to fall-proof your home this winter!

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