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Parental Transitioning In Real Estate

Parental Transitioning In Real Estate

Each day many Americans are confronted by the unfortunate reality that their parents are getting older, and it may be time to reconsider living situations. After the startling discovery that Laura’s parents do not have home owners insurance (because why would you when you don’t have a lender requiring it) Mike and Laura discuss several issues where you may need to step in to help mom and dad sort things out. Specific topics include:

  • Buying homeowners insurance after a mortgage
  • Maintenance on your parents home
  • Why you want your parents to have their property/properties in a trust
  • Granny Units
  • Helping your parents sell and downsize

To contact Mike D’Ambrosio you can visit his website at, email him at or call at (408) 630-0101.

If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408) 838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture.


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