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Moving In & Moving Out Part II

Moving In & Moving Out Part II

We are so dedicated to ensuring that our Real Estate Radio LIVE podcast series serves as a top provider of education & information, that we forget (but are EXTREMELY proud to share!) that our platform is making an impact on the globalization of real estate too! As we tackle the second edition of ‘Moving In & Moving Out’ today’s podcast, we’ll reveal how international property buyers from the TOP 3 countries reported by the National Association of Realtors are from the same TOP 3 countries around the globe where our listenership is the highest! Fantastic, right?!

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In addition to covering the record-breaking residential real estate sales from around the globe that valued over $153 BILLION here in the US, we’ll also share why international buyers keep investing more in the US and what local obstacles they are overcoming from their own markets to continue spending in ours! Another vital component of our discussion will be the Certified International Property Specialist Designation (CIPS) for Realtors®, and how Bobbi’s role as a certified agent and course instructor is paving the way for success for sellers of US residential property and the buyers from around the globe. (Learn more about the importance of CIPS on YouTube from an international investor himself… click here).

While all the data is instrumental… your favorite part just might be the insights on not just WHO…but WHY this trend is forging ahead at record speed. We’ll review the lifestyle, climate and financial facets that make moving in and moving out of the US such a hot topic!

Listen in today to our newest weekly podcast on iTunesBobbi’s website or Real Estate Radio LIVE! You’ll benefit from same decision-making data that investors from around the world tune into; we cannot thank you enough for your support in making Real Estate Radio LIVE such a widely recognized and highly-sought after avenue for anything & everything about the world of real estate!

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