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A Senior Spotlight & Podcast | Why Aging & Social Change Affect Us All

A Senior Spotlight & Podcast | Why Aging & Social Change Affect Us All

Did you know that by the year 2050…one-fifth of the world’s population will be age 60 or over?! No matter how old you are, the changing demographics of not only our nation, but those same trends emerging around the world, WILL largely impact housing, health, public policy and the global economy. That’s why this week we combine our widely renowned Senior Spotlight blog into a truly telling podcast on Real Estate Radio LIVE!

If you’ve been a long-time listener of Real Estate Radio LIVE, you know that we dedicate the 2nd Friday of every month to ‘Living Longer, Living Better’ ~ and that’s why our recent blog on ‘Why Aging & Social Change Should Matter To Us All’ is perfect fit for this week’s exclusive online podcast. Our hosting team will address the realities of an aging workforce, the challenge that a longer life does not always mean a healthier one and the two-way street of senior resources and assets. What if just a little more investment into the health and mobility of our seniors meant a lot more support by the aging population back into our economy? (Think Florida!)

Listen in Friday and join as we explore the many facets of aging and the implications around the world! Living longer can absolutely mean living better with a little perspective and a lot of planning. The opportunities for volunteerism, family life and community are too often overlooked. Age is just a number…and attitude really IS everything! Learn more below!


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