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RERL-1655- Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate – Uptake in market Activity

Rent To Buy Or Lease With Options

You’ve heard us say it before. Roughly 7-8% of realtors handle about 92% of the transactions. It’s an impressive number that is also shocking when you realize that over 90% of the part-time agents and lenders out there are probably not reinvesting in their business and you. Do you believe independent contractors are overall bad for…

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Real Estate Radio LIVE Talks Financing and Technology from the Money Show In San Francisco

Today, we are broadcasting LIVE from the 35th Annual Money Show in San Francisco. The Money Show brings together the most forward-thinking minds in finance and technology. This year, they are focusing on exploring successful strategies, disruptive technologies, and next-level thinking that’s relevant to individual investors. Today, on Real Estate Radio LIVE we are being…

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Broadcasting LIVE from the Think Realty Global Conference in the City by the Bay

Today we are LIVE from beautiful San Francisco for a world-class event, the Think Realty Global Conference. The Think Realty Global Conference features world-class speakers and educational sessions that will inform and inspire while the vendor hall spotlights an elite group of premier vendors and service providers. Think Realty Global Conference features top-tier keynote speakers…

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San Francisco Real Estate Market Trends | RE Radio LIVE Welcomes Matt Fuller to Discuss The Modern “Super Bowl” Condo

Have we finally found something that has out-appreciated San Francisco real estate? A Super Bowl ticket in 1966 cost about $12.00.  Today’s ticket prices range from $5,000 to $10,000!  Today’s show brings Matt Fuller and his deep industry experience and knowledge about the San Francisco Real Estate Market to Real Estate Radio LIVE with Host Joe…

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