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RERL-1613- Two Italian Guys Talkin Real Estate-Industry Update

RERL-1598-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

For over 15 year Steve Hotovec helped consumers manage taxes, stocks, bonds mutual funds and more, but one investment often left out is where most consumers have about 70% of their net worth tied up. Today Steve has groups and products that allow homeowners to intelligently access home wealth without taking out a loan or…

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Competition With Real Estate Companies In Southern California Is Heating Up; Is Northern California Next?

Between mergers, acquisitions, buy outs and recruiting, real estate companies in the southern end of California are getting aggressive. Real estate companies are fighting for a market share which at the same time is diminishing since inventory refuses to tick up. This might be everyday news down in Los Angeles, but if you head up…

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What to Expect in the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market in 2016: LIVE From Los Gatos w/Host Joe Cucchiara & Alain Pinel Realtors

Join Host Joe Cucchiara as he welcomes APR’s EVP & COO Rainy Hake, APR San Jose – Almaden Valley Manager Dave Walsh, and APR Saratoga Manager Carol Burnett, to the air waves! APR will be sharing the “What to Expect in the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market in 2016” and also the current inventory trends…

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What You Need To Know About China’s Economy and Its Real Estate Trends | Host Joe Cucchiara Welcomes Back Rainy Hake

Have you had the chance to live overseas? Sometimes a new job, brings new opportunities in a new location.  Today, Alain Pinel Executive Vice President and COO, Rainy Hake joins Host Joe Cucchiara to discuss international relocations services to the U.S. in Europe, China and dozens of other countries. APR does this directly, as well as, through our international affiliate…

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