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Speaking Engagements


Joe Cucchiara - Motivational Speaker

When you need to educate and entertain a crowd, Joe Cucchiara is an excellent choice.

Joe’s passion for empowering people is apparent when he gets in front of a crowd. His years of experience, his sense of humor, and approachable nature will inspire your audience. Discussions surrounding home financing and financial well-being can be difficult, so Joe strives to make dialogue comfortable, focused and informative. Here are some of the types of speaking engagements for which Joe is available:

Guest Speaker

Real Estate Conferences

Invite Joe to your next real estate conference, where he can speak on a variety of topics relating to mortgages or real estate.

Sample topics: The Importance of a Pre-Approval, How Your Real Estate Agent & Lender Should Work Together, Should I stay or Sell?, Financing 101 for Real Estate Investors…and much more!

Corporate Partnerships

Variety of Audiences

An integrity-driven business of any size always seeks ways to help their employees thrive – personally and professionally. Joe has a simple, effective and highly desirable ‘Lunch & Learn’ program to offer small, medium and large corporations.

Employees can enjoy lunch while learning about a relevant, modern market home and finance topic. Examples include: Down Payment Discussions For Today, Program & Product Updates, How Lenders View Different Income Sources, The Purchase Process, etc.

Business Coaching

For Entrepreneurs

If you have an event where inspiring business people are looking to improve their business and grow their bottom line, Joe is the perfect speaker! He has extensive experience managing a mortgage branch, plus building two solid businesses! He can present educational, real world advice to entrepreneurs.

As a husband and father and published author, he also understands and embraces the concept of work/life balance in his mentoring. Sample Topics: The Power of 3, Living, Learning and Earning, Books to Thrive By, Giving Back – Not Giving In, and more.

Master of Ceremonies

Your next event

The ultimate host, Joe would be happy to MC your next event. His charisma and ability to think on his feet will surely keep your audience lively.