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Regardless of the size of your wealth, having a trusted financial planner on your team can really make the difference in your future. Because Joe cares about your success and security, he is particular in recommending only Trusted Advisors when it comes to Financial Planners.

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    Leon Roat

    Certified Financial Wealth Advisor

    Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors

Leon Roat

With over 23 years of experience in Financial Planning, Leon Roat understands what it takes to preserve and grow your wealth. He understands the intricacies of managing wealth and he is able to direct you accordingly. When your choices influence the future of generations to come, you need Leon to help you make wise and sustainable financial decisions.

Contact Leon today to discuss your wealth plan.

Direct: 408.918.5300

Ron J. Howard

Ron Howard operates an independent fee-only registered investment firm and currently serves over 188 high net worth individuals and families. A family man himself, Ron strives to provide peace of mind and perspective throughout the complete planning process. His expertise includes, but is not limited to modern portfolio theory, asset allocation, investments, taxation, financial planning and business development.

Contact Ron today to discuss your wealth options.

Direct: 408.244.3800
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    Ron Howard

    Managing Principal

    President of Siena Wealth Management, Inc.

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    Rocky Lin

    CFA, Managing Director

    Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors

Rocky Lin

Rocky Lin, Chartered Financial Analyst, has years of experience in portfolio strategy and managing various funds when he was the Chief Investment Officer at Excelcia Financial Group. Currently, he manages the trading operations and client services  for the Northern California Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors office. He is located in San Jose and has a passion for ice hockey and snowboarding.

Contact Rocky for more information about his services.

Direct: 408.261.3300

George Papadoyannis

When it comes to understanding the challenges and opportunities of managing wealth, George Papadoyannis is experienced and knowledgeable. He understands exactly what it takes to manage affluence and build a future so that you can live the comfortable life you deserve throughout future decades. He is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your investment and planning strategies so that you preserve and enjoy your wealth.

Contact George to discuss your wealth investment needs.

Direct: 650.539.9170
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    George Papadoyannis

    CFP, MBA, Private Wealth Advisor

    Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors

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    David Meyers

    CFP and Founder

    Meyers Wealth Management

David S. Meyers

David S. Meyers worked for many years at the institutional level of very large-scale portfolios of bonds and structured securities before he decided he wanted to focus on helping individuals, families and businesses. He started Meyers Wealth Management in 2008 in Massachusetts and moved it to Palo Alto in 2009. He has spend decades fine-tuning his education and experience to deliver the highest quality of financial advice and planning available.

Contact David to see how he may help you with your financial planning.

Direct: 1.800.993.2994