Silicon Forest & Silicon Valley…Today w/Bobbi & Joe On Real Estate Radio LIVE

Happy Friday! We hope you are getting ready for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend full of celebration and remembrance. Our industry professionals, good friends and Friday Hosts Joe Cucchiara & Bobbi Decker will help you start off the weekend with a great state comparison, so get ready for a new and refreshing regional chat. In the continuing […]

Talking Tax Liens Today On Real Estate Radio LIVE | Welcome Back Attorney Anita Steburg

Sometimes…ignorance is bliss. But NOT in the world of anything & everything real estate™. Today’s topic might intimidate some, but with Trusted Advisor Anita Steburg taking the lead, talking tax liens has never been more accessible. Please join Host Joe Cucchiara & Attorney Anita Steburg (Steburg Law Firm, P.C.) today at 3pm PST on AM […]

Justin Fichelson Joins Real Estate Radio Live TODAY | SF Luxury Market Update (& MDLSF News!)

The world of anything & everything real estate™ is a dynamic place…and perhaps there is no better person to help us cover it than Justin Fichelson! As a top luxury agent with Climb Real Estate and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing San Francisco, Justin takes ‘dynamic’ to a whole new level. Today, he joins […]

Just Jammin’ w/Joe…Through The Latest Market Updates

Hello & Happy Tuesday! As always, welcome to the world of anything & everything real estate™. People often ask if with 7 hours of programming 5 days of week…do we ever run out of stuff to talk about?! It’s quite the opposite actually, and while you know that I truly enjoy featuring great guests, you […]

Claims, Costs & Coverage | Host Mike D’Ambrosio Welcomes Laura Peterson Back To Real Estate Radio LIVE

Looking for a great way to start the week?! How about joining two of our favorite professionals (and friends!) today at 3pm PST on Real Estate Radio LIVE?! This afternoon, Host Mike D’Ambrosio welcomes back an informative and insightful guest as Bay Area insurance specialist Laura Peterson shares her reality-driven expertise and skill . Laura will be covering […]

Government & The Real Estate Industry – Helping or Hurting?

This Friday on Real Estate Radio LIVE, Hosts Joe Cucchiara & Bobbi Decker take a broad look into what local, state and federal governments are doing or not doing to help the housing market.  Some very important issues are on the table, such as the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID), local point of sale laws and a host of […]

Planning For Your Home Purchase | Welcome Back Shirlene Reeves

We are nearing the end of the week and excited to welcome back an exceptional guest! As one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the nation…Shirlene Reeves is truly a wealth of knowledge. We all know that knowledge is power…and this time, Shirlene will empower us all in planning for that next home purchase. […]

Painting The Town w/Scott Shrader On Real Estate Radio LIVE

Are you ready to paint the town? Scott Shrader sure is…and he joins Real Estate Radio LIVE as a brand NEW guest today at 3pm PST! Every house has at least two things in common: paint and drywall! While they may not seem like the most glamorous components of home design, they are the critical […]

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