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Everything Eichler Homes…Today w/Host Mike D’Ambrosio & Guest Cindy Carey At 3pm PST

Everything Eichler Homes…Today w/Host Mike D’Ambrosio & Guest Cindy Carey At 3pm PST

In the world of anything & everything real estate®…there is a ton to talk about – including those homes with flat roofs, no front windows and a whole lot of glass. If you think you know what we are talking about – chances are you either loves this type of home, or hate it! That’s right, today’s discussion on Real Estate Radio LIVE is everything Eichler homes, as Host Mike D’Ambrosio welcomes back expert guest Cindy Carey with Starburst Construction. Cindy helps keep our team updated on the latest trends in recreating spaces, with a firm focus on green construction materials and techniques. She also helps us assess what is old, what is new…and how we look at those structures and trends in the market today. Join Mike & Cindy today at 3pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW.

Cindy will help Mike kick-off the hour by defining the home type of those people who ‘live in glass houses’. She will explain what exactly IS an Eichler, who created this style, why they are so popular, and the value of them in today’s market. She and Mike will also explore:

| What does it mean to buy more than a home – but a personality & lifestyle too!?

| Why is the popularity of Eichlers such a controversial topic?

| Your calls – dial 1.800.516.1220 during the show and share your perspective.

Turn that dial to AM 1q220 KDOW from 3-4pm PST or online at:

Learn more about Cindy’s commitment to keeping us modern, green and informed at:



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